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A short limousine ride

Inside the limousine, you watch as Christina's clothes suddenly change. They go from being a pink little girlish dress and maryjane shoes into a white dress with a halter top, a skirt stopping just above her knees, a white poufy petticoat, and white high heel shoes. Her blonde hair, which had been in pony tails, now flows down her shoulders and almost reaches her waist. A diamond necklace, probably as expensive as any that you have seen actresses wear at the Oscars, appears around her neck.

The limousine stops in front of one of the mall's larger stores. The driver gets up and opens the door to your left. "Here we are, ladies," he says in that deep voice you find to be a bit disconcerting.

You and Britney hesitate, not really eager to be seen in public like this. Sensing your reluctance, Christina barks, "Missy and Britney, you will get out of the limousine . . . NOW!"

With that command, you and Britney scramble out the door. Britney trips on the curb, but manages to catch herself before her face hits the concrete. You almost fall on top of her, but you manage to grab the door and catch yourself.

Some of the passersby stop and stare at you and Britney. A few of them laugh at the way you are dressed in your pink little girl dresses. They get quite a glimpse of some frilly female underwear as you help Britney to her feet.

Christina walks around from the other side of the limousine. With a wicked smile, she leans closer and whispers, "Don't feel so embarrassed. You're both so cute. Everyone here is jealous of you because they're not as pretty as you are."

She turns and orders you both to follow her into the mall. The driver climbs back into the limousine and pulls away.

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