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Yessss!!! Zero for teh win!!

You grab the Type Zero film right from the get go and suddenly you feel quite confident. You load it and put the camera to your eyes waiting for the spirit to be close enough for the film to have the maximum effect. As soon as its head fills the reticule, you press the shutter button. The spirit flinches a bit, but still floats toward you!! What the heck? Type Zero is the STRONGEST film in the game, period! So why didn't it slam back the spirit? You pull the film out and notice a dot by the number "0". You pull your finger aside and realize why the film was so ineffective. It's not 0 it's 0.1!! In other words, it has even LESS exorcismal power than the Type 7, which is NONE AT ALL!! Basically, you are now stuck here with an even more pissed off spirit and all the other film is gone! There is one chance though. Wouldn't happen to have a Stone Mirror would you?

Written by adventdestiny7

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