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Please, not Miku!!

You attempt to move the mirror to see if this isn't some kind of trick. But as you go to push it, you fall through!! You land almost on your face on the . . . other side? You suddenly are reminded of Alice in Wonderland, but you get the feeling this place is definitely NOT Wonderland! You struggle to your feet and notice it's very dark and the only light seems to be coming from your . . . flashlight? How in the world did you get that? Pushing the thought aside, you point the flashlight at yourself using caution not to blind yourself. You are still a girl as you can tell by the bumps on your chest and the lack of feeling 'down there'. But that's not what makes this a bit unnerving. You look at your clothes. You are wearing a strapless red blouse under a white long sleeve collared shirt held together at the top by a faceplate of some sort. On your waist is a brown mini-skirt and your legs sport stockings that reach all the way up. On your feet are near knee-high brown boots. Your hair is now an auburn color and kept up in the back by what seems to be a clip of some sort. You feel around your neck and see that you also wear a gold necklace. The final piece of understanding rests in your other hand. You are holding a very antique-looking camera with strange symbols around the lens. It's the Camera Obscura, a strong exorcismal weapon when in the right hands. Your dread skyrockets as you realize your predicament. You are Miku Hinasaki straight out of Fatal Frame!! You suddenly realize that the mirror you fell through is made of a black material and your surroundings resemble a Japanese setting. No doubt about it, this is definitely Himuro Mansion in all it's haunted glory!! You feel terror grip you as you make your way over to a table. There are four colored packages on top. One reads Type 07 Film, one says Type 14 Film, one says Type 90 Film, and the last one is the one you hoped you'd see, Type Zero. Suddenly, the event you were hoping you could avoid happens. A vengeful spirit appears!! Seems like a strong one too!! Well, don't just stand there! Pick a film, load it, and take a shot . . . FAST!!

Written by adventdestiny7

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