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Sweet Revenge

"Why did you do that?" the kangaroo yelled.

Then the kangaroo stared into your eyes and gasped. He knew that you could remember who you were. This wasn't part of your plan. You wiggle around until you are loose and jump towards the book, but the male kangaroo swats you back and grabs the book. Then he opens it quickly, and stops at a certain page.

"I know a spell that will slow you down," said the kangaroo. He started muttering the spell.

After the male kangaroo finished reading the spell, a bright beam of light shot out from he book and towards you.

You quickly grab a nearby mirror and hold it up in front of you, causing the beam to change directions. The beam ended up zapping the female kangaroo. In an instant, she was transformed into a small kangaroo plush toy. You realize that you are going to have to think fast if you want to avoid becoming a stuffed animal for life. What do you do?

Written by an anonymous author

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