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A Problem Occurs

When you enter the room, you find the two kangaroos staring back at you. The male was holding the book. You think of an idea fast. Finally, you have a plan.

"Mama, I vary thirsty. I waa milmil, peez," you say, in the most babiesh voice you can do.

The mother kangaroo approaches you, prepared to put you in her pouch. Once you are in her pouch, and the pouch holds you in its grip, your mother prepares to take you to your crib.

"I waa Dada! I waa Dada!"

The mother kangaroo takes to your father and you try to go to him, but you are stuck in the pouch. Your mother releases you from the pouch, and you leap into your father's arms. Your father holds you up and smiles.


In a flash, you unleash the only weapon a baby has. A stream of yellow liquid in the kangaroos face. After you run out of ammo, your father holds you in front of him, and looks at you angrily.

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