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Dog Life

The transformation was complete. I was a dog, and I wanted a male dog. The strange man I called Wizard, and since I was his loyal, obediant, horny, slave dog, and I was called Samantha because Wizard's real name was Sam. I am fully his. Totally his. Completely his. I am his only and forever. I am his loyal, obediant, horny, slave dog. Since I am horny, I need sex to sustain my life as a slave dog to Wizard. Wizard says he will get a male dog and that dog will sustain my sex needs as a horny, obediant, loyal, slave dog. I will lie on my back, and Wizard(That is what Sam will call the other dog) will put his dick into my vagina over and over again. It will sustain me.

Written by hornyanimals

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