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I'm A Horny, Loyal, Slave Dog To The Strange Man

The strange man said "Dog Girl!" and was pointing at me. Suddenly, I felt the urge to make love. I understood what was happening. He was making me his slave but I didn't care. Why should I? It was so much easier to do what he wanted, to bend under his will and turn into his loyal, horny, slave dog. In fact, I wanted to be his horny, loyal, slave dog. It was so easy to fall under his will, become his horny, loyal slave dog that I wanted to be. A thrill made me shiver as I grew fur, because the more I wanted to be totally, completely, fully his loyal, horny, slave dog, the more I transformed to being a dog. His loyal, horny, slave dog. I wanted to be his, completely, totally, fully his. I wanted to be his loyal, horny, obediant, slave dog. Another thrill made me shiver while I grew a tail and my memories slipped away and dog instincts took me over.

Written by hornyanimals

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