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An Awaiting Assist

You quickly turn to look at where the voice came from. Over to the side, sitting against the wall near the corner of the room most opposite you, is a young man. He's wearing a tattered black coat over gray shirt and pants, and he has shoulder-length, unkempt black hair. He, like you, is chained to the wall. Seeing you looking at him, he waves his hand dismissively and explains: "This cell is where they keep the most important prisoners, that's why they stuck us together." Strange, but okay. You relax a bit.

"Since you're in here you must be pretty important," he says. "Tell me, why are you here?"

You glare at him, then relent. "They...they say I'm the 'maiden of the prophecy' nonsense..." you grumble.

Your cellmate seems intrigued. "Oh? I guess it's time then." He stands up, and snaps his cuffs off, showing that they weren't locked. He heads over to you, pulls a thin knife out of his coat and begins picking the locks on your cuffs. He gets them open quickly, then helps you up.

You look at him, confused and suspicious. "Who are you?" you ask, pulling back into a defensive stance.

"Name's Sano, master thief," he says. "I can't have the world destroyed, so I'm working against the Dark One and that moron Julius. I knew I had to meet up with the Chosen One to stop them. Never been much for prophecies myself; the only thing I accept from 'em is that this 'Chosen One' is dangerous to the Dark One somehow. If they think that's you, then my path is obvious."

He presses his foot on a floor stone that's against the wall, and with his hand pushes in on a brick in the wall. You stare in shock as a section of wall slides away revealing a passageway. Sano gestures to it. "I dug this out years ago. I thought I might need a direct line in and out of here eventually," he explains. "I figured that idiot Julius would try to capture this so-called 'Chosen One' and stick you in here. So about a month or so ago I let myself get captured. Came up here every morning, left every night: keep my skills sharp." Sano gestures to the opening again. "Let's go."

Wary, but wanting to get out of here as quickly as possible, you follow Sano into the passageway. He retrieves a torch from the wall and lights it with a flint from inside his coat. He leads you down the crudely-dug path for what seems like hours, before finally emerging from an inconspicuous cave dug into a hillside. You stand up and stretch, glad to be free from the prison and the cramped tunnel. Night has fallen, and the near-full moon is clearly visible. You look at Sano, who has his hands in his pockets and seems to be waiting for something. "Well, not what?" you grumble softly.

Sano glances at you. "Just be patient. I met with that wizard of yours a few months ago. I told him to meet me here at midnight if anything goes wrong with his whole 'destiny' crap. I figure this counts, so he should be teleporting in soon. We need all the help we can get."

Written by an anonymous author

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