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Catch the White Bunny Girl!

Sitting on the edge of the fountain, you splash some cold water on your face to wash up, and maybe wake up from this bizarre dream. As you stare at your reflection you hear something nearby, the click-clack of heels on pavement. You look up and see the bunny girl from earlier. She is walking calmly now, but still seems to be heading somewhere.

You spring to your feet and try to catch up to her.

"Hey!" you shout, "Wait! Please!"

The bunny girl stops, turning to face you. She looks you over for a moment, and you become absorbed in how beautiful she is. Soft skin, bright blue eyes, long flowing hair with the cute little ears sticking up from beneath. Her tight leotard outfit outlines her sexy curves. You're still wet from your ordeal with the queen, and this bunny girl is turning you on more. But you struggle to keep focused.

"You again? You almost made me late... You drank the tea, didn't you? That's the mad hatters tea. I hope you're not going back for seconds."

"Please, just tell me how to get out of here, and back where I came from," you plead.

"Why should I?" she asks, crossing her arms, pouting with a cute little expression of anger.

"Please... I'll do anything," you say, and almost instantly regret it.

"Anything?" says the bunny girl. She gets a slow grin on her face. "Okay." She looks over you, chewing her lip, getting a lustful smile. "Lift up your dress." You do so, fighting with all the frilly petticoats until your damp frilly panties are exposed. "Very nice," she says. "Tell you what. Do for me what you did for the Queen, and I'll get you out of here."

Your arousal skyrockets, and before you realize it, you are kissing your way up and down the bunny girls nylon-clad thighs. She moans lightly. Soon she is undressing, peeling off her nylon. You realize the bunny tail and ears are not accessories, they're real. But you don't stop. She smells so sweet, so delicious, that you can't help yourself as you lick away. Soon she bucks against your face, screaming, shuddering, and spasming. You can barely hold your own arousal now, aching for release.

But she doesn't oblige you. She stops you before you can get her to do the same for you. She holds up a hand.

"I can either bring you off, or give you what you need to get out of here."

Your brain and your pussy battle for a long moment, but finally you say you want to leave... though you're less and less sure all the time now.

The Bunny girl retrieves her clothes, and produces a small vial. "Drink this."

"What is it?" you ask.

"It'll make you big. But I hope you have some clothes lying around... well, really, I don't. But I've got things to do. Can't stay for the show."

With that, she seems to be dressed in a flash, and runs off. You stare at the vial, still tingling, desperate with arousal. You're ready to start humping rocks at this rate... but this stuff will get you home. The way this Wonderland is you're almost sure you can find someone to bring you off somewhere, but is it worth it? What to do?

Written by Anon

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