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The Queen comes

You feel your lips tingle. You look down into the dark teacup, seeing your reflection. Your lips have puffed out, giving you thick lips, like Angelina Jolie. Your chest tingles, too. Looking down, you see your breasts push against the frilly lace edge of the dress's neckline, expanding deeper and deeper cleavage. You feel tingling in your rear, and soon feel larger wells of flesh on your bottom. You stand up, sharply, and see your enhanced breasts jiggle as you do. You feel some jiggling from behind as well. Now you feel tingling down between your legs, and after a moment of tension, a powerful tingle of arousal floods through you.

"There we are," says the Queen, "Much better now. Don't you feel better?"

"No, I..." you stop, realizing your voice is much higher, sharper, like a bimbo. "I feel... " the word escapes you. You frown in confusion, trying to remember. "Funny," you finally say.

"Yes," says the Queen, "But you look delicious." She walks over to you. Your system floods with arousal, you find yourself staring at your breasts, then at hers. You notice both of you have large nipples poking through the cups of your dresses. You feel compelled to touch them, fondle them, suck them with your pouty lips. Wetness seeps into your frilly panties as the Queen steps right up to you. She runs a finger along your engorged lips, then down to your cleavage. It makes you quiver with sexual bliss. She presses into you, her petticoats pressing into yours, her huge breasts pressing into your own. You moan and find your knees weakening. The Queen brings you to your knees, then pushes your head up under her fluffy petticoats to her own wet sex. You can't help yourself. The smell, the feel, the jiggling of your massive breasts, you go after her, licking, sucking, kissing, caressing her legs and thighs with your hands. After a long moment, she shakes and screams with orgasm. You feel intense pleasure at getting the queen to orgasm, but not enough for you to come. She steps away from you, her dress swishing off of your head. She sits down in her seat again.

"Very good, Alice," she says,"Thank you. You may go now."

Still burning with lust, but afraid of what else she might do to you, you turn, running back into the hedge maze. After turning several corners, you find yourself at a huge water fountain. You sigh, thinking some cold water will do you some good right now. As you look at your reflection, a perfect picture of a bimbo Alice, you wonder how much more you can take.

Written by Anon

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