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As you wonder what the heck is going on, Loki reappears. 'How you doing, Jumbo?'

'You! Why are you doing this to me?!'

'Relax man. I actually need your help, but your current size can't do anything.'


'See, I've been making you bigger for a reason, but at the this rate it will be years before you are even big enough to be a thought. So, if you eat the cupcake, that will help you.'

'So, if me being bigger was the goal, why do it slow at first?'

'Because I like messing with humans. Also, you noticed that no one is here, so you don't have to worry about crushing people. I can return you to normal, but its up to you.'

He disappears. You look at the cupcake. 'This is insane,' you think. 'However, he is a god asking for help, so maybe I should comply.'

You decide....

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