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Home for the Faturdays

You see that you are outside your parent's house. You squeeze yourself out of the cab, taking the door with you. You are now 300lbs and 7 ft tall, standing only in giant boxers. You turn around to apologize to the driver only to see that he's disappeared. You shrug it off and run to the house. You open the door, but have to duck alittle down to fit in.

'Mom, Dad, HELP!' you scream, noticing that it got deeper.

You mom and dad are just sitting on the couch reading and aren't shocked to see their bigger son.

'Well, son,' your dad finally says. 'What's going on?'

'Wh, look at me! I'm huge and growing! Help!'

'Oh now dear, this is perfectly natural.'

'Not for a 25 year old! Its not puberty!' You sit down, almost breaking a chair and explain the full story. After the story, you gained another 50 lbs.

'Aw...,' you mom starts, 'My little boy is growing up. Let me get a camera.' She runs off happily into the next room.

'Dad, listen, I need help. I'll keep growing and getting fatter forever. I need your help.'

'Son.' Your dad slaps you on the shoulder, reaching up a bit to do it. 'With great size comes great responsibility.'

Your parents don't care. It makes no sense.

You mom comes out with a cupcake. 'here honey, you look like skin and bones.' When you look back, they are gone, completely out of house as if they were never there.

'It must be Loki's doing.'

Written by an anonymous author

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