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Being a fairy

You pick out something white and pink, very frilly and girly, and for some reason it makes you surge with excitement and a little arousal. You pull it out of the closet and find out it's a fairy costume! You are overcome with giddiness and joy as you place the costume on a chair and begin to remove your clothes.

You step out of your platform heels and begin to carefully roll off your white stockings. Then you reach around the the zipper of your dolly dress, but can't rach.

"I'll help!" says Christina, who walks over and unzips you. You see that she and Britney have unzipped each other already, and the thought of it makes you tingle down below. You pull the dress off and look down at the frilly petticoat. You carefully step out of it, and put it gently on the floor. You remove your frilly panties, and carefully add them to the pile of clothes. You look down at your naked body for what seems like the first time. Your breasts stick out from your body, obviously at least a DD cup, and your body seems completely hairless from the neck down but for a whispy patch at your crotch. Now, you turn to the fairy costume, shaking with excitement.

You put on a pair of shimmering white tights, rolling them gently up your smooth thighs. Then, you pull out the costume, which is a strange sort of leotard. It is mostly white and light pink with puffy shoulders of lace, and long white sleeves. Around the waist is something like a petticoat, or a tutu, with many layers of rustling frills. You step into the leotard and pull it up, feeling its soft fabric caress your bare skin. Once it's on, you look down and beam with joy.

"I look like a flower!" You say excitedly. You turn and see Christina and Britney slipping into their own costumes. Britney is putting on a poofy petticoat, and Christina is slipping white, elbow-length gloves on her arms. They smile at you and giggle. You can tell they are just as excited about their costumes as you are about yours. Finally, you attach the fairy wings, that glisten and sparkle, by sliding the straps over your arms. You grab some sparly pink shoes, the little toy wand, and slip a shiny tiara on your head. Suddenly, your hair is no longer in pig tails, but in an elaborate bun on top of your head. You have on glittery makeup, even down to your exposed cleavage, and shiny pink lipstick.

You turn and see Christina is wearing a large, poofy princess dress with gloves and a tiara, while Britney is wearing a sort of alice in wonderland dress, but made of shiny blue satin with lace ruffles everywhere. You giggle excitedly and skip over to them. You do a little twirl, and the girls clap. You giggle with joy, feeling so pretty and girly, you never want to stop!

Written by Anon

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