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Dress up

Mistress Laurie looks at both of you, smirking slightly. "Do you dollies want to keep playing with Christina?"

"Yes!" you blurt out, surprising even you, "I love playing with Christina!"

"Me too!" says Britney, "She's so pretty! And fun! And..."

"And..." you say, but frown. There's something else you want to say, but it's hard to remember. Suddenly, you look up at Mistress Laurie worried. "But... Mistress, I'm not a girl! I used to be a boy. I mean, a man."

Britney looks at you, surprised, and Christina looks slightly hurt. You can't help feeling a twinge of guilt for bringing it up. Mistress Laurie looks at you with a sly grin.

"But Missy," she says sweetly, "Aren't you having fun? Don't you like being a girl soooo much better?

Her words land in your mind and seem to dominate all thoughts. You frown, confused, trying to work things out, but your head feels fuzzy. You look desperately over at Britney.

"You look like a girl to me," she says helpfully, "A very pretty girl."

A tiny part of you tries to rebel, to make you remember, to snap you out of it, but all it's doing is make you anxious and afraid.

"Missy," says Mistress Laurie, "Don't you like being pretty?"

"Oh, Mistress," you say, confused, "I love being a pretty dolly... I can't help but love it. I feel so..."

"Missy," says Mistress Laurie, sternly, "Would you rather stay and play with Christina, or not?"

"I wanna keep playing!" You blurt out instantly, your confusion seeming to melt into desperation. "Please, Mistress! Please let me keep playing! I'll be a good dolly!"

Mistress Laurie smiles. Her smile hits you like a wave of euphoria, and all confusion and worry is lost. She nods her head, and Christina, who has been watching the whole thing while looking worried, suddenly giggles with glee and runs over to hug you. She squishes into you, and you both fall over onto the bed in a fit of giggles. Britney, nearby, is practically dancing.

"Okay, Christina, you can play with them. But keep an eye on Missy. We don't want her being naughty."

"Yes, Mistress," says Christina in between giggles. She tickles you playfully, and you squirm, rolling off the bed. Britney helps catch you, and gets you back on your platforms without a problem. You look back, and Mistress Laurie has left.

"So what do we play now?" asks Christina.

"Ooooh!" says Britney, "How about we play dress up!"

"Yay!" says Christina, clapping her hands like an excited child. She hops off the bed and skips over to her closet door. She opens it, and begins digging through clothes. She pulls out a large pile of pink satin and lace, then puts it on the bed. Next, Britney goes and starts digging in the closet for something. Soon, she removes something blue and frilly. She giggles, holds it up against her chest, then squirms with delight. She turns away. It's now your turn to find something in the closet.

Written by Anon

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