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Your new weapon

Hugo brings out an intracately carved dagger and hands it to you. You take a look at it. It is certainly a masterpiece, with an extremely sharp, beautiful blade as long as your lower arm. The handle is also well-made out of a fine metal coated with a thin layer of gold. The handle fits your hand perfectly, and the hilt is beautifully carved and also coated with gold, just thick enough so as to easily protect your hand from the blade. It is obvious that this weaponsmith is truly a master at his craft.

Hugo notices you admiring the dagger and smiles warmly. He tells you to "give it a slash", so you do, and are surprised to see the blade detach from the dagger and follow the path of your swing in a perfect arc, although it reaches much farther than it would had the blade not detached, then it swings up on a chain and pulls back, reattaching to the handle. You detach the blade by hand and pull out the chain, and are surprised to find the chain extend as far as your entire arm-span. You reattach the blade and thank the smith, then Seth hands him his fee of 100 gold pieces. Then, at Seth's request, Hugo takes the dagger and the anti-magic crystal Seth got you, and integrates the crystal into the base of the dagger's handle, so that you don't have to worry about where to put the crystal. Hugo then returns the dagger and hands you an intracately carved sheath to hold it. You thank the smith once again and sheath the dagger while Seth pays him an extra 30 gold pieces for the extra service.

While you step toward the entranceway and examine your new dagger more closely, Seth takes his own sword out and shows it to Hugo. "As you know, I've had this for 10 years. The blade has gotten a little dull since you first forged it for me, and I need it re-sharpened." The smith takes the sword and the 20 gold piece payment and happily proceeds to sharpen Seth's blade. The process is quite quick and takes only a couple minutes.

After Seth's blade is sharpened, the two of you step outside. Seth begins getting the camp ready again while you practice with your chained dagger. Hugo was right when he said it would be the perfect weapon for you--you are able to use it quite well right off the bat and it fits perfectly with your fighting style. After awhile Seth speaks to you: "Milady, it grows dark. We must rest now and plan our course of action in the morning."

Written by Drago

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