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Await your weapon

When you leave the forge, it is already dark, so you set up camp to rest. As usual, you get to take advantage of the supplies, while Seth sleeps out in the open, using (as usual) the excuse that he doesn't really care, since most of his sleeping arrangements in the past were worse.

The next morning, you awake in a daze. There is a small piece of paper held to a tree by his sword. The sword is embedded too deeply to pull out, so you rip the note off and read it:

I had some things to take care of in Valmara. You were asleep and I didn't want to disturb you. I'll be back soon.


As promised, Seth returns in the afternoon. He carries a pack of some sort on his back. He walks over to you and pulls his sword out of the tree in one fluid motion. He tells you that he went into town to get some supplies, like more camping things. He then reaches into the bag and pulls out a bright red gem and tosses it to you.

"Here," he says. "It's an anti-magic crystal. Whoever holds it is rendered impervious to magic. I got you one as compensation for what you've been through, plus anti-magic training would be too difficult and time-consuming."

You thank Seth for the crystal, again finding yourself in awe of his honor and integrity, noting that he truly has no desire to 'take advantage' of you in your new form, that he is honestly trying to make thing easier for you.

You spend the remainder of the day trying to relax and adjust to your new life in your new form, while Seth heads out and practices some martial arts techniques without his sword. Unfortunately, the female voice takes the opportunity to pester you.

/C'mon, is it really all that bad to accept your place as a female? You know I won't give up until you do, so why the continued resistance?/

'Because I'm not female, don't you get it?' you respond angrily.

/Not this again. Yes you are! Or at least you are now! There's nothing you can do about it so just give up!/ You stubbornly refuse to respond, turning away to lie down on your stomach, resting your head in your hands. /How about this then? I'll lighten the deal for you. Nothing will change except that you'll be more comfortable with this body, and instead of changing your sexual preferences, they'll just be eliminated. Would that be better? Think about it./

The voice says no more, and you look up to see Seth walking toward you. You notice that it is now dusk, and time to retrieve your weapon from Hugo. You stand up and stretch, then follow Seth into the forge.

You are greeted enthusiastically by Hugo when you enter. "There you are!" he says. "Your weapon is ready. I know you'll use it well." He goes behind the counter, and brings out...

Written by Drago

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