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Leon Revealed

You return to Laurie's home and follow Christina into the main room. You tune the two of them out as Christina tells Laurie about everything. Then, out of the corner of you eye, you notice a flash of red. You turn to look and see a sniper rifle's targeting laser dot focused on the back of Christina's head. You surpress the urge to acknowledge it, knowing what is about to happen.


Leon peeres through the scope of his sniper rifle at Christina. "Time to die" he mutters to himself as he pulls the trigger.


The sniper bullet hits right where expected, instantly killing Christina. Less then half a minute later, Leon (in his armored form) smashes in through the window. Laurie instantly has figured it out and points at him, trying to transform and/or hypnotize him. Nothing happens. "You think I would honestly come unprepared? You're even more stupid than I thought!" He takes out a pistol and aims it at Laurie's head. "Prepare to die!" Leon pulls the trigger...

Written by Shadow Master

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