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The Hunt Begins

Unknown to any of you, a helicopter hovers not too far away. The pilot, a large man with thick black hair in green camoflage armor and a targeting recitle over his right eye, scans the ground until he spots Christina's limosine. When he speaks, his voice is deep and dangerous. "Target acquired" he says into the radio, "Target C-1 is traveling in a white limosine, heading southwest. Limosine is driven by an unidentified man. Target also has 2 females in the limosine with her. One is the singer that went missing a short while ago; the other is unidentified. Target L-1 is not present, but if we keep track of C-1, she will lead us to L-1."

A distorted voice crackles through the radio: "Good work. Keep a close eye on C-1. Alert us if you learn more. When you pinpoint the location of L-1, let us know. Over and out"

The man switches off the radio and grins to himself. "The hunt has begun..." he says quietly to himself.


It is not long before the limosine stops in front of the mall. You, Britney, and Christina get out and head for the door as the driver pulls the limosine away, after informing Christina he will meet the three of you back here when you're done. Christina leads you into the mall. As you enter, you are stunned by the sheer amount of stores here. There is a store for practically everything. "Weeee!" Christina giggles, "Come along, girls! We're gonna get you some new stuff for your new life!"


Meanwhile, the man lands his chopper on the roof of the mall and gets out. He presses a button on some sort of wristband and the helicopter disappears. He presses another button on his wristband and his appearance changes. He now appears to be a tall, thin man with brown hair, wearing a white shirt and blue pants. He jumps down from the roof and lands on his feet, surprisingly unharmed. He then enters the mall, following a safe distance behind the three of you.


The first store you go into is the clothing store. Christina takes you around, looking at this and that, and finally settles on a certain outfit. It is a tiny pink dress, sleveless, with an extremely low neckline that would expose your cleavage for anyone to see. The skirt is extremely short, and would barely cover up any undergarments at all. Christina immediately purchases the outfit, and several similar ones for you and Britney. Christina puts the outfits in a large white bag that she explains can hold any amount of stuff. As you exit the store, you pass by a tall, thin man with brown hair, wearting a white shirt and blue pants. He is leaning up against the window of the store. There is something strange about him, but Christina's magic pulls you along and away from him before you can place it.


The strange man seems calm, but inwardly he is ecstatic. He had actually encountered Target C-1 and her "group". He had actually made eye contact with the unidentified female. He had been unable to identify what it was, but he had sensed something strange about her, as if she was not what she appeared to be.


The next store you go into is filled with all sorts of dolls and stuffed animals and such. Christina quickly purchases a large assortment of stuffed animals and an even larger assortment of dolls for you and Britney. As she leads you out, you catch another glimpse of the man you saw outside the first store.

Christina leads you then to the furnature store. She chooses out a wide array of feminine-styled funature for the two of you, like fancy, elaborate beds with pink lacy sheets and pink lacy pillows, overly-elaborate dressers, etc. After making the purchase, Christina leads you away, explaining that when you return, the furnature will already be set up in your new dollhouse where you will live for the rest of your lives.

As you exit the store, you run head first into the same strange man from before. The man apologizes and introduces himself as Leon. You nod, but are pulled off by Christina's magic before you can respond. You leave the mall and re-enter the waiting limosine, thinking nothing more of Leon.


Leon easily leaps onto the roof of the mall. He deactivates the hologram, revealing the camoflage armor he wore in the chopper, and a rifle slung over his back. He unhitches an odd-looking pistol from his belt, scopes out the limosine, and fires. The tracking device fired from the pistol flies through the air and attaches to the back of the limosine. Leon deactivates his helicopter's cloaking device, climbs into the cockpit, and takes off. He again speaks into the radio. "Target C-1 has just recently exited the mall with the two females in tow. I observed them in the mall; purchased objects include several stupid girly outfits, many dolls and stuffed things, and several items of furnature, all very stupid and girly. The two female subjects obeyed C-1's every command and followed her everywhere; either they are extremely loyal to C-1 or they are being controlled somehow. I also noticed something about the unidentified female subject; it is as if she is not what she seems to be. Also, I planted a tracking device on C-1's limosine. You may now trace the location."

The radio crackles again, and the distorted voice speaks: "Excellent work. Continue the hunt. C-1 will lead us to L-1 soon, if not right now. We are sure that everything will be revealed when you find L-1. Over and out."

Leon grins to himself. "Soon," he says, "Soon I will find you, L-1. I will hunt you down and I will find you."


Back in the limosine, your thoughts keep wandering back to Leon. He kept popping up everywhere you went, as if he was following you. But you dismiss that as crazy, he'd have no reason to do such a thing, even though you would be grateful if he'd known about what Laurie and Christina had done to you. Also, you think, what was that strangeness you sensed when you first saw him? You want to tell Britney about him, but Christina would either overhear or force you to tell her about it. And for some reason, you feel it is best if Christina NOT know about Leon.

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