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Even more femininity

You come to, and everyone seems to have on more feminine things. You're transformed into a French Maid with gigantic FF breasts. The top just barely covers your nipples, and it seems skintight the way down to the skirt, which barely goes below your waist, but is frilled up to the max with femininity. Under the skirt you have a thong on. The entire outfit is pink. You're wearing black fishnets with 6 inch heels, which are also pink, while holding a feather duster. Your hair has grown to your butt with dozens of sexy curls. You see your schoolgirl friend who has also changed. The heels she has on are 6 inch, and has fishnets similar to yours. Her skirt is so short that you can see her sexy pink panties from around her. Her shirt is tied up in back, to expose her belly button, and her breasts are nearly fully sticking out, looking like they'd grown by a full letter. Her hair had grown and been put up in pigtails. The fairy was still out, but her outfit had also become feminized even more. Her tutu has become more frilly, while her tights had become a lighter color, and looked skintight and sparkly, while the rest of the outfit looked see-through, which you're enjoying because her breasts had grown also. Her heels were 6 inch, and her hair had been put up neatly in a bun. Next to her was the machine that had been affecting how dumber and sexier they got. Somehow, they both seemed average-minded now. "Hey, I've got an idea. Let's take that machine by fairy and turn other males into whatever we want, nurses, models, ect."

Written by Tina

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