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The cups overfloweth

The pink beam strikes you, and your girlish giggling intensifies. You watch in erotic delight as your breasts, already EE cup, continue to grow. You feel light, like your belly is full of helium, and even the growing tits can't weigh you down. You stand up, and the top of your little girl dress bursts open, allowing the huge breasts some breathing room. You sigh in pleasure as they each grow bigger than your head, and bigger still. Soon, you have trouble standing, and the two giggling girls run over to lend you some support.

"Maybe it was a little too much," says the schoolgirl between giggles. The fairy girl grabs your left breast, and the schoolgirl your right. Their soft touch causes you to moan in pleasure, and almost fall on your back. Your mind is incapable of thinking anymore. You just want... you need to be touched right now. The schoolgirl seems happy to oblige, and starts to fondle you. You explode instantly, and the two teenage girls have to hold you up with all their might.

As the fairy girl snickers and reaches up your petticoats, you explode again, and become lost in mindless ecstasy for who knows how long. When you finally come to...

Written by Anon

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