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Head for the Smith

"Alright," you say. "You're right, I probably do need a weapon. This whole thing is new to me, and I'm still not used to anything here, so I need to take what I can get."

Seth nods and begins heading southwest, and you quickly follow. Not too far in the distance you recognize the large entrance to the cave where you entered this world between the two forests you saw earlier. Neither one of you tries to make conversation during the journey. Just because you accepted your new form and your new role doesn't mean you're used to it, and you need some time to adjust. Meanwhile, it is clear that Seth is not much of a talker anyway; he seems like the kind of person who only speaks when necessary, always tells the truth, and always says what's on his mind, regardless of whatever effect it has on others. You find this an admirable principle to have, and find yourself beginning to see Seth in the same way you saw your friends back home.

As you near the cave, Seth looks over his shoulder back at you. "Be alert," he warns, "for we approach the Cave of the Damned. A horrible monster dwells within, along with a cult of dark priests."

You nod. "This is where I entered this world..."

Seth eyes you warily, then seems to recall something you told him earlier. "Wait, you said you were rescued by Petros, right? And then you said he used his magic to [ahem] 'have his way' with you?" You nod. "Then we must be cautious. Petros is my cousin; I know him well. Once he has something he will not surrender it. I am sure he will be back for you, and although you were morphed by the test in the castle he will still be able to recognize you..."

Seth is cut off by some rustling in the brush. He draws his sword and waits. A young man about the same age as Seth steps out. That wild brown hair and piercing brown eyes, that gigantic sword and those bright red robes--Seth was right. It is Petros, and as Seth predicted, he does recognize you.

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