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The Journey Begins

You and Seth leave the temple and head down the village streets. As you walk, you see some more ruffians hiding in the alleyways eyeing you, but none dare venture out for fear of Seth. As you reach the town gate, the wizard catches up to you.

"Wait! Hold on!" he calls out. Seth turns his head to look, and you turn fully around to face him. The wizard holds up a stone tablet that depicts three creatures: An armored hawk, an armored horn-less rhino with a thick spiked tail, and a vicious-looking serpent. "The Sage wanted me to tell you something. These are the Titans you must face.

He points to the hawk. "The Titan of the Sky resides in the Varrinnu Mountains to the north." He points to the serpent. "The Titan of the Sea resides in the Great World Sea; the nearest coast is to the west." He points to the rhino-creature. "The Titan of the Earth resides in the vast Sannah Wasteland southeast of here.

"All three are armored and exceedingly powerful. I have no doubts about either of you, but you milady will stand no chance unarmed. The Sage suggests you go see the great Weaponsmith that lives on the outskirts of the Kingdom of Valmara-the same place you were headed before the wyrm attacked."

Seth turns to you. "I think that is a good idea," he says. "I know the man personally--he is the one who forged my sword. He is the greatest weaponsmith in all the land. I leave it up to you, though. I have my weapon, and if you prefer to fight the Titans without one, that is your choice."

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