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The Great Sage

The wizard enters the room and turns to you. "This village is home to a great Sage who knows far more about this situation and about the prophecy than I do. I have spoken to him and he has agreed to speak with you and to explain everything to you." He hands you a white dress with gold lining and tells you to get ready quickly. You do so, noticing the rather odd fit-the bottom only reaches just aboved your knees and the top is rather loose. Ah well.

Once you are ready, the wizard leads you out of the building and down the streets. "Stick close by," the wizard says. "This town has been plagued by a band of ruffians for quite a while now. You displayed impressive skill in the court, but here anyone would be greatly outmatched." You are still suspicious, but do as the wizard bids you.

Eventually you come to a temple-looking building. The wizard leads you inside. The Sage is there, sitting cross-legged on a pedestal in the back of the room. He is clearly old, with long gray hair down his back and a long gray beard that reaches his lap.

"Come hither, child," the Sage bids of you. The wizard nods, and you step forward. "Ah, so you are the non-woman of whom the wizard spoke. Allow me to explain the whole thing.

"The prophecy tells of an evil Dark One who would rise to power in the kingdom. It is unknown exactly what he would have planned, or his methods or reasons. But only a Chosen One would be able to defeat him. The Chosen One would influence the courts of the kingdom and disrupt the Dark One's position of power. Then, in an epic battle, the Chosen One would fight and defeat the Dark One and become the new honorable King of the land.

"But the Dark One has conjured up three servants to protect him. The three Titans of Earth, Sea, and Sky already exist, and as long as they exist, the Dark One cannot be harmed. For you see, only when the three Titans have been destroyed would the Chosen One be able to assemble the great blade he would use to slay the Dark One.

"The wizard did tell you that the Chosen One would have a mother of great willpower, strength, and fighting ability. But what he did not tell you - or perhaps he did not know - was that the Chosen One's mother would be one to slay the three Titans and clear the way for the Chosen One to assemble his blade."

"Wait, what?" you interrupt. "Slay the Titans? I may have gained some skill but I can't slay any Titans!"

"Not alone, no" says the Sage. "But with the assistance of another. You see, the mother of the Chosen One would often be deemed 'Princess of the Wild' due to her great fighting skill and harsh, ruthless personality. And as the wizard has told me, the test in the castle did indeed bring this upon you.

"The other, however, would be called 'Lord of the City'. He would be a calm, cold, and calculating individual. His skill would surpass that of the Chosen One's mother, but he would rarely demonstrate this skill. Many would respect him, while others would fear him. Now, what is unclear to the wizard is clear to me, for I am a true Sage and he is not, so I can clearly tell that the 'Lord of the City' is to be the Chosen One's father.

"You heard right. You see, the future is comprised of two thins: destiny and choice. Destiny decides what happens to you, while choice allows you to react to it. These two things in combination comprise Fate. It was destiny that you should have turned into a woman, and destiny that you come to this universe. But then choices opened up and you chose to go to the castle. At the test, destiny once again took hold and transformed you into the 'Princess of the Wild'. You were destined to come here one way or another, and you are now destined to meet up with the 'Lord of the City'. But what you do then is your choice. You can choose to accept your place in this world, or you can reject it. That is how Fate works. Choose your place or reject it. You cannot control destiny, but you can control your Fate."

Written by an anonymous author

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