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I will not allow this!

The wand fires, but you can see another beam racing toward the same location. This beam is white, much bigger, and much faster. The white beam blocks the pink blast from hitting the 'schoolgirl'. When the flash of pink and white clears, you can see a strange guy standing there. He physically appears to be about 17 years old, but is clearly much much older. His thick black hair is highly unkempt, two thick locks even sticking straight out, almost like horns. His skin is quite pale, giving him an almost ghostly appearance. His eyes gleam with the fury of someone who has lost the major part of his sanity long ago, and his grin can only be described as 'maniancal'. He wears a ghostly white shirt and black pants, and a black trenchcoat that streams out behind him in a nonexistant wind.

"What did you do?!" the 'fairy' squeals angrily, although due to the voice and physical appearance, 'she' seems to be more horrified than anything.

"What do you think I did?" The man responds. His voice is deep and grating, tinged with insanity. "Something has happened that is never to happen. You are the cause of it [here he points to the 'fairy'], and what are you doing?!!! I cannot allow this! I will not allow this!!" The strange man raises his right hand into the air and calls out: "Hands of time, reverse!!!!!"

Everything seems to get hazy and strange, then you watch, shocked, as everything that just happened replays in reverse! The only thing remaining unchanged is the stranger.

The outfit you currently are wearing returns to the previous one much faster than it had first appeared. Your struggle with the two replays backwards. Your arguement replays backwards as well, but there is no sound. As before, you make the twirl that started the arguement, and the 'fairy' repeats 'her' performance-backwards. All three of you then revert to the previous female outfits, and a burst of pink lightning seems to go up from the ground. Your 'sexual display' with the 'schoolgirl' repeats in reverse (too fast to feel anything). Your conversation with the 'ballerina' repeats in reverse (again, no sound). You look around and get down on the ground, repeating in reverse your actions after the remote exploded.

The stranger brings his hand down and chuckles evilly to himself. You look around. Everything is again exactly as it was right after the remote exploded.

"What...what happened..." You murmer quietly. You look around to see that the former scientist and former cop have reverted to their previous female forms and outfits.

"What do you think?" the stranger snaps, again showing obvious irritability. "I reversed time itself, so that we are now at a point where the problem may be fixed without distractions." Here he glares fiercely at you and the 'schoolgirl'. You both are highly embarassed, as you both know it was your 'sexual display' that caused the delay in the first place, without which the pink bolt would have missed the three of you, and you could have stopped the machine.

"Why didn't you just send us back to before the scientist messed up?" grumbles the 'schoolgirl'. The word "scientist" was spoken with some disdain, and you can understand why.

"Well if its so EASY why don't YOU try it?!" the stranger snaps. "Reversing the hands of time is EXCEEDINGLY difficult, even for me! I reversed it as far as I could go!"

He takes a deep breath to calm himself, then continues. "From your actions in the original timeline it is obvious to me that you cannot stay focused at all, so I will accompany you and force you to stay focused."

"Who...what...are you?" The 'ballerina' asks, confused.

The stranger straightens his trenchcoat "I am called Thirak" In your transformation-induced stupor, you find this amusing for some reason, and let out a little giggle. Thirak is upon you in a nanosecond. "Make fun of my name and I will turn you inside-out." he snarls. You nod fearfully, and Thirak gets off, straightening his trenchcoat before speaking again. "You," he says, pointing to the former scientist, "bring us to your lab."

Written by Mr. X

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