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More and more feminine

The pink beam hits you, and you feel like your insides are on fire with pleasure. You look down to see your frilly pink dress has gotten skin-tight, and an even brighter shade of pink. Your breasts feel like they have been encased in satin, and it causes a delicious sensation in your new nipples. You watch your dress change into a satiny pink corset with lace trim, and feel ruffled pink panties slither onto you from nowhere. Long, pink stockings slide up your legs, and garters appear to attach them.

The two giggling girls pull you to your feet, which suddenly arch and ballet heels (Pink, of course) appear on your feet. Pink ribbons go halfway up your leg, and tie into little bows at the back of your knee. Long, white, satin gloves slide over your hands without warning. The petticoats you were wearing stiffen, and widen, and soon they extend more than a foot from your body! Now a gorgeous pink dress materializes over your lingerie, with puffy sleeves, ribbons and bows everywhere, and a cute little skirt resting comfortably on all your pettis. And yet none of it passes farther than your mid-thighs.

The two girls keep giggling and laughing at you, but all you can do is curtsey and give them a look at your abundant cleavage. You feel so different, so alien, so feminine, and yet you can't process a thought. It just feels good, and giggling feels good, and girls are good.

"See, she makes a pretty dolly!" says the fairy with the wand. She giggles and turns to the schoolgirl in the pink uniform. "Your turn!"

The schoolgirl squeals in delight, and strikes a pose, waiting to be transformed. You just stand there on your tippy-toes, waiting in anticipation. You feel like you may have even gotten younger, but your breasts are still ridiculously huge. What will this girl do to you next?

Written by Anon

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