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More feminine

You raise your head, and try to look around, but a mass of blonde curls are in your way. As you begin to pick yourself up, you find your body is a little different. Your breasts jiggle a lot more. You look down to see a massive set of breasts barely held in by a big pink halter top. You feel air on your body as you look down and see a micro-miniskirt on your legs, also pink, revealing your curvy hips and dainty feet in tiny pink heels. Your nails are painted bright pink, and when you speak, your voice is very high and squeaky.

"What happen-eep?!" You say. You look over to see a teenage girl, also with long blonde curls, in a pink schoolgirl uniform, with breasts that could rival yours. She is getting up off the ground, and she gently brushes herself off. She isn't wearing a bra, and you can see her new breasts juggle with every tiny movement. You look around for the scientist guy, and see a scorchmark on the ground. Five feet away is a girl no older than fourteen (but with already budding breasts) in a complete ballerina costume, bright pink, with gorgeous blue eyes and long wavy blonde hair.

"I was afraid of this," says the young girl. "Complete overload." She stands up, but can only stand on tippy-toes, but somehow has perfect balance and poise. "Our new 'feminine' qualities are a result of the explosion. You two only got a basic second dose... I took the full force. Strange that I have regressed a bit."

You try to understand what he is saying, but for some reason you feel like you have cotton in your brain. It's very hazy and hard to think. But that schoolgirl chick is looking really hot right now, that much you know. Suddenly, it hits you: You've been turned into a bimbo!

"So, like, what do we do now?" says the former policeman in a squeaky voice.

"We have to get back to my lab before the machine recharges. Without the remote to guide it, it will randomly fire anywhere on the planet."

For some reason, the thought of the whole world being as sexy as you is somewhat appealing, and you idly put your arm around the schoolgirl, resting your hand on her huge, luscious breast.

"I, ummm... have, like, a car," you say.

Written by Anon

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