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Oh, but your new schoolgirl friend looks SOOOO good

The schoolgirl, formerly a policeman, moans and closes her eyes, a look of erotic pleasure on her face. You look at her quizically for a second, then remember that your hand is on her breast. "Does this make you feel good?" you ask.

The former policeman opens her eyes and looks at you, taking your hand in hers. "Mmm, fantastic," she replies. "I want to feel you touch me some more." She starts to reach her hands up her skirt to touch herself . . . .

"Ahem," the voice of the scientist-turned-teenage-ballerina interrupts. "There is the small matter of the device that is about to fire rays all over the planet?"

Part of you is tempted to stay here with the schoolgirl and fool around. Should you listen to your temptation, or save the planet from having other men randomly transformed into bimbos like yourself?

Screw it, you think to yourself. You slowly push the schoolgirl down onto her back and get on top of her. You reach up her pleated skirt, find her panty-covered pussy, and begin to massge her. She closes her eyes and moans some more. "That's nice," she whispers.

The ballerina tiptoes toward both of you. "Ahem!" she says again in her cute 14-year-old voice. "Snap out of it, you sluts!"

You turn to give the ballerina a cold stare. "Like, who are you calling a slut, anyway?!" you retort in your ditzy manner.

The ballerina tries to return your cold stare. In her pink frilly tutu and carefully made-up face, however, she ends up looking more adorable than intimidating.

So what happens next?

Written by an anonymous author

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