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Hey! Hay is for horses. Nay!

You just close the door and watch Scott run off. He's such an idiot, he'll probably waste all day of his time in a hiding spot thinking you can't find him.

Meanwhile, you decide that you need to give your viola a visit. School is out, but you're still the ambitious Mozart. You love music. Amd you're darn good, too.

After being enveloped in your music for two hours (you played with a CD so it sounded a lot better), you pack up. You put the viola in the case, and then look at your bow. You loosen the bow as you prepare to pack it up. Before inserting it in its slot, you run your finger over the smooth, black horse hair. You wish you had hair like that!

You brush your black hair out of your face. Wait a minute. You have very short hair, and its a dull brown. Standing up, you glance into the full length mirror leaning on the wall. What the? Your hair's turned long and black. You feel painful pricks going down the back of your neck as the black hair spurts out. What the? A horses mane?

Then you feel a very strong and strange tingling, starting on your face. Short brown hair is growing all over your body, feeling like a million needles poking through your skin. Your ears and eyes migrate, your tonge feels like its stretch along with your jaw. You're face grows into a long muzzle.

Panicky, you look at your hand, er, hoof. Then suddenly you hear cracking and pops as your bones rearrange. The weight on your back shifts as you are forced onto your arms and legs...well four legs. It feels as if a spear pokes through right above your rear as a hairy tail comes out.

The transformations stop. You look in the mirror to see a fully grown horse with smooth brown hair and a jet black mane.

Written by an anonymous author (edited by wanderer)

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