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Grandpa's GeustRoom

With your parents gone, once you have the keys, you get the urge.

Ever since you can remember, your Grandpa stayed in a lone room upstairs. It was always locked. You were never allowed to go in there for anything, ever. But you have the house to yourself!

You go up to the room, and unlock the door using your dad's keys. Inside is just an ordinary room. Bookcase, chairs, bed, desk. On the book case you see some extremely odd and strange books! "Bouldergramerage", "Civoeau", "Kinale". You take one called "Magic, the learning"

Suddenly, the floor below you opens up, and you're falling.

You wake up, dazed. You're in an odd little room. All there is is a strange little table covered with potions.

Curiosity grabs you. You feel the urge to drink a strange orange potion.

You feel strange. You feel as if you are transforming.

Written by an anonymous author (edited by wanderer)

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