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Can't a pretty girl get more wishes?

"Oh, one other thing I should mention, lass," the leprechaun added. "No wishin' fer more wishes. That's strictly forbidden."

Damn. That's exactly what you wanted to wish for. However, another idea comes to you. "What if I wished for another leprechaun to appear here? I could get more wishes from him, couldn't I?" you ask hopefully, your feminine eyes wide.

The leprechaun considers your question for a long moment. He then replies, "Well, actually . . . yes, you could get more wishes that way, since the wishes would not be given to ye by me. Ye're a smart lad . . . er, lass. You'd be surprised that hardly anyone has ever thought of such a wish."

The leprechaun gestures, and a second leprechaun materializes out of thin air. This new leprechaun is almost identical to the other except that the new one has a darker beard. The new leprechaun turns toward you.

"Greetings, lass," the new leprechaun says to you. "I have three wishes for ye." The other leprechaun, the one that turned you into a girl, disappears.

You wonder how long you could keep this up. If there's an umlimited number of leprechauns out there, you could have as many wishes as you want.

"So what would ye like to wish for, m'lady?" the new leprechaun asks you.

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