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Pain and pleasure!

Your Udder is now the so bid that it is brushing agains the roof of your house! you feel emence painin as the skin keeps streching and pulling but also emence pleasue, "ohhh,,,,ohhhhh,,OOOHHHHH!!!" you cry out!.... you hear a crunching noise as you legs are slowly being pushed apart..."OOOOOHHHH!!!" Now your udder is wedged between the roof and you, and the skin is now very tight! you lean forward and feel your udder..the skin is very hard...it looks like a water balloon the is filled to it's max. you can see the it is so full that it is partially transparent, you can see the vains... than just when you were sure your udder is goin to explode it stops growing....you sit there waiting...that you try to move..but you cant...you guess your udder weighs at least 2 tons.

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