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Jim smile at you and takes of his shirt. His body is strong and muscular. he climbs onto the couch with you and begins to massage your udder. It feals wonderful. than he move up and kisses you. You kiss him back. He takes off you top and and you take off his pants. you look downa and you are very satisfied with what you see. for several minutes you both make passonate love to each other...but than! You suddenly feel that tingling angain in your udder, but your too involeved with Jim to care ..yet..Than you see that Jim is getting pushed off of you. you look down and relize that you udder is now once again beach ball sized. Jim jumps off the couch and puts his pants back on. and lifts you up, (which must be very hhard because your udder makes you a good 100 pounds heavier), and carries you into the bathtub so he can milk you. He pulls on you tites over and over agin. You have never been more arroused in your life. finally after 2 very exhausting hours you are dry again. you and jim walk back over to the bed and fall asleep together...

Written by kyle

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