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You realize that the only way to stop the bulging is to milk your-self, so you begin. you pull up and down on the soft tites of you udder, it is extreemly pleasurable. you let out several loud sighs of relief...but sudenly you realize that you udder is filling faster than you can emty it! You in trouble! it begins to grow at an alarming rate. soon it is the size of a beach ball, and you cant reach your tites anymore! Your hear a loud ripping noise as your pants tare off. you try to to stand up but you are in so much pleasure that you can't. you reach down and feal your large and plump udder...it feals warm and soft. you suddenly have an idea! you start to squeeze your udder, which is now about the size of 2 beach balls! Success! you squeeze and you squeeze and your udder finally starts to decreace in size. after several hours you have gotten your udder down to the size of a basket ball. you stand up and get out of the stall. you look arround and find a apron on a hook to take it and rap it arround your self. than you casually waddle out of the resturant and back to your house.

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