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Lola's Secret

"NO!" you cry as Lola falls into your arms "You can't die! Oh I wish you hadn't said such a stupid thing!"

Lola comes round in your arms. "Oh..Oh thankyou!! You saved my life!"

"Actually I don't need the gold at all now." you say "I only needed it to break the curse on me"

"I had you all wrong." says Lola, as she hugs and kisses you. "I think we should go back to my castle before we make any more accidental wishes. I'll tell you everything when we get there.". Before you leave, you wish up a new wardrobe for yourself..

"My family was cursed by the evil Countess Bathory" Lola tells you "After they offended her. I don't want to tell you what happened to the rest of my family, so please don't ask. You have seen what happened to Gina..."

After a few minutes in thought you speak "You don't look cursed, Lola."

"But I am. Have you wondered why I don't wear shoes, even though my feet are sensitive?" She holds up her foot and wiggles her toes "Every other hour I am cursed to turn into a diffrent random creature - real, extinct or mythical."

Written by A R Jackson

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