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So much for a honeymoon...

As you two get ready for dinner (Jessie has a problem remembering how to put on a dress), you hear a knock on the door. You both go out to find a tall man in jeans with bare feet. "Reon! It is you!" says Jessie. You look in wonder, only to find out that it is the werewolf, yet he, too, has become human. He gives you two a sword, a potion, and some sort of golden bracelet. You ask him about the items. "The witch is dead, and her were-creatures are again humans, but the curse lives on. You see, her body is dead, but her magic and evil soul are not. Her ghost has taken the body of another reporter who came to the area, and has formed a new army of werebeasts. I've contacted the others, and with your help we can destroy her once and for all", the former wolfman says. "Man, I don't want to go back to that stupid place again", Jessie says. "You won't have to", Reon says, "They are here."

Written by an anonymous author (edited by wanderer)

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