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Meeting Seadra

A Seadra swims up to you. "Sea sea seadra!", it says, translating into "Welcome to Whirl Islands!". You reply by saying < I have chosen this as my new home. Please let me in. >

The Seadra seems to be kinder than most Seadra. She lets you in and you seem to feel cozy in Whirl Islands. To be kind, she gives you a shell-brA to cover up those embarassing bumps.

She shows you around and leads you to your new room. It is a cave in a very VERY tall platform, which is about 300 ft high! Talk about flying space! Your room is hollow, wide, and has a deep pool with calm fresh-water. It has a patch of land in the back and a cozy leaf pillow. Best of all, no trainer can EVER find you because your room is guarded by a waterfall that is bigger than the Niagra Falls!

Seadra leaves you in your room. You fly up in the air and find...a cave-bed! It is almost against the roof! You see a figure in the bed...what is it?

Written by Lugia Master

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