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Someone's Come Along And Burst Our Bubble

Charging toward you at great speed is (unless your eyes deceive you) a giant, musclebound minotaur with his head lowered in a battle position! Following behind him is a large, bulky and muscular lizard man of some sort.

The minotaur is coming in so fast, you don't have any time to get out of the way! BLAAAMMM!!! It feels as though you have just been hit by a truck as you feel yourself catapulted into the air for what seems like 4 or 5 metres, landing smack down on the ground on your back - just in time to hear Izzy scream. You pull yourself up and try to clear your dazed vision, your entire torso aching and throbbing from the force of the blow, thankful that you had, just at the last second, managed to dodge the minotaur's deadly horns. Otherwise you would have had a large hole in your chest.

You manage to clear your vision enough to see a very distressed Izzy knocked cold by one of the minotaur's large, robust fists. "IZZY!!" you shout. You get up just in time to see the minotaur stamping and grinding its bull-like hooves on the ground, ready to charge again. It charges, but this time you manage to catch its horns, roll onto your back and flip the minotaur over you (thank you very much 'Judo defence classes'). But due to the creature's great mass, you only manage to flop him over you, giving you only a brief while to go and help the vulnerable and unconscious Izzy.

When you get up and run to where Izzy lies, you see to your shock that Destrii has not only been attacked by the large, bulky lizard man but he has sunk his long, sharp, pointy, thick teeth into her and is now worrying her with his jaws. You decide that Destrii probably needs your help right now more than Izzy does and run over to aid her. The large, bulky lizard man spits Destrii out, his jaws dripping not only with her blood, but some thick, clear fluid, like saliva... or venom. You run over to where Destrii lands but are intercepted by the large lizard man... and before you can do anything, he lifts up one of his short, stumpy but thick and powerful arms and swats you with one of his reptilian claws, putting you out like a light. the entire world seems to lose substance, up, down, left or right, front, back... it all seems to go as you pass out from the force of the blow.

Though still roughly unconscious you can just hear, echoing through the void of your unconscious mind, the angry shouts of the Countess Elizabeth Bathory. "Fool! Imcompetent imbecile! You killed her, you miserable oaf! That creature wasn't of my creation, and would have provided valuable study and information - possibly even the discovery of a brand new species! But no, you went totally overboard and killed her! UGGHH!! Guards! Show those two miserable fools back to their cell block and put the two escapees back in their cells!!".

You awake beneath a bright light. You sit up to find that you are now in a cell with transparent walls...

Written by Red Robert (edited by wanderer)

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