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Where am I?

You awake groggy and disoriented; suddenly, a rush of thoughts come through your head as you return to consciousness. You remember how you were sucked into a vortex, and how you thought you had been abducted by aliens when you came before the Countess. Suddenly you feel irritated and angry as you remember fully what happened and you say to yourself as you sit up rubbing and straining your sleepy misty eyes "I DID get that riddle right. I know I did!"

Suddenly you become aware that you are in some kind of a strange cell with transparent walls. Through the walls you can see other cells near yours... and you gasp in shock and terror as you see in a water-filled cell next to yours a creature of absolutely fabulous appearance. The creature appears to be some kind of humanoid fish or fish-like human. The creature is banging on the wall that divides your two cells, which is possibly why you woke up. You stagger back slightly and then scream in horror as you suddenly notice other cells near yours also holding curious inmates: A strange snakelike creature almost identical to the Nagas of Hindu myth, apparently unconscious; some manner of strange dolphin-like creature, like the fish creature, but with the smooth hands and strangely smiling face of a dolphin. You can see that there is another cell but even though it has transparent walls like the others, it is a little too far off and obscured by the other cells for you to see what is in it.

You are terrified and worried about what is going on and why you are here. The thought that you might be abducted by aliens comes up again and in fear of what might soon happen you panic and start banging on the walls of your cell yourself, shouting, screaming and pleading to be let out.

All of a sudden the Countess appears, grinning sinisterly. Immediately you start to ask her why she has done this to you and what she was going to do to you, even begging her to let you go. But the Countess just chuckles under her breath almost like she is amused by your confusion as she lifts up her serpentine magic sceptre and points it at you, triggering the metamorphosis...

Written by Red Robert (edited by wanderer)

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