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Sitting alone in your cell, you wonder what will happen to you. Suddenly you see a slab open up in the middle of the floor and move aside. A pair of dirty pink claws come up, followed by the top half of what looks like a 6 foot tall rat! It has pudgy cheeks and a bloated belly that bulges around the hole.

"Oopsie! Another wrong turn!" it says. Then it notices you. "Oh, 'ello! Me name's Fatrat!"

"Oh, er... hello, Fatrat... er... excuse me if I don't come over and shake your hand. You, er... smell a bit!"

Fatrat just laughs. "Yer lucky I didn't come up feets first, Mate!"

"Where does that hole lead", you ask, your hope of escape suddenly rekindled.

"To me tunnels! They lead all under the castle!", he anwers proudly.

"Great! Could you get out so I can escape?"

"I'd like to say yep, but me belly says nope", says Fatrat sadly as he pushes and pulls at the ring of flesh that laps over the sides of his hole. "I'm stuck."

Written by an anonymous author (edited by wanderer)

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