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Never Mess with Alex

You have about 2 seconds to think before Alex suddenly glows blue and rings of psyenergy swirl around him. He holds out his hand and screams, "BLIZZARD!"

Suddenly large shards of ice shoot out of his hand and strike you all over, piercing your body with sharpness and blinding cold.

Alex laughs and begins charging up some more psyenergy. You try to retaliate, but can't because: A.) You're too fat to move effectively, B.) Those ice shards hurt a hell of a lot, and C.) Alex is WAY stronger than you and anything you might have done wouldn't have hurt him.

Alex holds out his hand again and suddenly a huge geyser sprays you about 200 feet into the air. Due to your increased mass, you not only can't fly, but you fall much quicker and harder than you normally would. Your fat ripples through a huge shockwave of pain and nausea, and you think you can even hear a couple of bones break.

You weakly lift up your head and look pleadingly at Alex. He doesn't charge up any more psyenergy, but he draws his sword with a smile. With inhuman speed he leaps at your face and slashes it repeatedly. Pain blinds you, and you cry loudly.

Alex laughs and starts to walk away. "I'd love to have more fun with you, but I have two more games to infiltrate! So I'll see you around... If you're still alive!"

He laughs again and teleports far away. You sob uncontrollably and pathetically before losing conciousness.

Written by Alex (edited by wanderer)

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