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Boy Dolphin, Girl Dolphin - Blue One, Pink One!

You suddenly forget about Jessie (she's still alive, but unconcious) and focus on the strange tingling sensation that's coming over you. You look at your flipper and see why. It's turning sky blue! And so is the rest of your new body. Jessie's smooth skin is changing too, but now her skin is pink! Then the djinn laughs and dematerializes. Then Jessie regains conciousness and swims over to you and says, "Hey, Specs. Where are we anyway?" You tell her that you don't know. You then ask her how she knew that the only other dolphin in this tank-place happened to be her boyfriend. She giggles and says, "I won't tell you... yet."

What do you do?

Written by Dolphin (edited by wanderer)

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