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Wolf Blob

As you enter, you feel your legs finally buckle, no longer able to handle the weight, and you fall back, landing on you padded rump. You are lucky not to roll back, sitting there like a giant mountain of blubber as your stomach forces your tree trunk legs apart, spreading forward as it continues swelling. You feel your legs thickening, your feet not even touching the floor as the blubber surrounding them pushes them up. You try to talk, but by now your face is being smothered by two massive cheeks that merge into a multitude of chins, which are further being pillowed by your chest. Even as you try to move your arms, you find it harder and harder to even bend them as they reach the size of monster truck tires, sagging against the roll of your chest as your sides swell outwards and push the flab up.

"Well, looks like you failed," says the witch, "Sucks to be you" she adds, then turns and leaves, even as you flail your arms with what limited movement you can muster, grunting and mumbling trying to get words out. Those movements get slower and slower as you bloat bigger and bigger, and your joints are smothered in blubber to where they can hardly bend, leaving you barely able to wiggle a finger. Your legs are no better, unable to budge with all the weight pinning them. You can feel the clod floor as your stomach grows across it, as your rump swells. You can't even turn your head as your chins and neck merge with your chest as a huge tire, your cheeks now dwarfing beach balls.

Still your features continue swelling, and you feel your legs continue to be pushed apart, even as your sides encroach on your limbs, pushing the flab to forms ringed tires that still swell. You even feel the flab starting to swallow your feet as your size begins exceeding the range of your body. Your arms too are slowly becoming less like limbs and just blobby rings. You can feel your limbs being stretched out as the flab pushes them to full extension, even your spine feels pulled as your stomach and chest push ever outward, the pressure building. You feel your joints popping, but are in able to move or speak as you see your shoulders and chest swelling higher and higher, pushing your cheeks into your view as your size even outgrows your height, leaving you only able to see your flab as it threatens to swallow your head and pull your arms and legs from their sockets. By now you are little more then a mass of flesh and fur, not even recognizable as any species as and feature has been swallowed by flab.

Then finally it stops. You feel the pressure hold, just short of dislocating your limbs, leaving you with a view of a patch of the ceiling surrounded by gray fur. Your mouth is sealed but your nose can breath, thankfully. However, you can't budge, you can't even manage a wobble. The only thing that you can move is your eyes, the only thing not anchored in place by tons of flab. Not that you have much of a view...

Written by an anonymous author

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