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Grand theft cart.

It is easy enough to see where the mountain is, looking up you can see it beyond the village. However, getting there is another matter. You are huge as it is, and you doubt that you could make it all the way there before midnight on foot. You take a moment to look around and spot a horse and cart. Waddling over to it you look around for the owner, only seeing the house nearby with people peeking out the window at you, hiding as you catch their gaze. Given this is a book of fairy tales, and the initial reaction to your appearance, you guess they think you are 'the big bad wolf'. Well, you don't really have time to gain anyone's trust, so you pull yourself up onto the cart, and say, "Giddy Up!" and the horse moves.

As it does, a man comes running out of the house, yelling 'My horse!" As you pick up speed, you yell back, "So sorry, just borrowing this, I'll bring it back, thank you!!" Before you are off, out of the town and heading towards the mountain. You make good time as the horse has no issue with your weight, used to carrying heavy loads. Though you pick up a few more pounds on your journey, you manage to reach the mountain just as your cloths begin feeling the right size for your body.

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