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Rapper Bonding

You spend the rest of the afternoon recording with K.C. and S.W. K.C. has a number of songs already written up and ready for you to read off and learn, while S.W. seems easily able to do his beats and edit as needed. From you they just seem to need your voice, moves, and style. You don't know how good your size plays into the 'stage presence' K.C. was talking about, but this at least seems like fun for the moment. It's definitely better then moping around your apartment all day.

After you finish, you prepare to head home. "Wait up man," K.C. says before you can get to his car. "You gotta let me treat ya, your part of the team now. I know this all you can eat place, figure we can grab a bite, then crash at my place."

"Um... we kinda just met today," you say, unsure about how fast this is going. "No offense, but do your really want to being a stranger into your house you just met. I mean, dinner is fine, but..."

"I don't hear a no in there!" says K.C. enthusiastically hopping into the car, "Let's grab some grub, you can tell me all about this cursed castle stuff."

You sigh a little, before climbing in, you are hungry, and for once it's not the soul crushing depression hunger, so you won't turn down a free meal. K.C. drives you to the restaurant, though they have to move a both seat to a table in order to accommodate you to avoid breaking any chairs. As you eat, you go over your adventures at the castle, the leprechaun, his game, and eventual demise.

"Man, that's heavy stuff," says K.C. listening to every bit with wide eyes wonderment, "So like, if I had a wish, I would totally wished for a sweet ride, you think like, I would have gotten a candy car?" He says.

"Probably would have turned you into a car." you reply as you finish another plate, stacking it with the others. Your feeling more satisfied this time around, and getting out your frustrations seems to have settled your mood a bit. "Drag," says K.C. still working on his second plate. "You know, I tried to bulk up, you know, to be like H.S., but I got this high metabolism thing going." You can tell he probably idolized the guy.

"You don't have to be as big as someone to be as good as them." you say. "Oh, yeah, I know," says K.C., "But you gotta have something that makes you stick out, makes you memorable if you want to be remembered. I'm basically a cute cat face, I get lost in a crowd. But you walk on stage and you'll be the center of attention."

You have to agree, though probably not with the same enthusiasm. "Anyway, S.W. will get the CDs out and we'll get some feedback in a few days if they like it."

You let out a bit of a belch as the server takes the stake of dishes, struggling under the weight. "Anyway, wanna crash at my place, I got video games!" he says. You think about your small apartment, it would be nice to get out, but really you don't know K.C. that well, and you don't want to wreck his place by accident. What do you do?

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