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Top of the Tower

No way your ready to trust Ed on this, Cornelius has always been more intelligent and practical, he probably knows the castle better as well. So you squeeze into the stairwell, which spirals upward. The walls press into your sides, and you feel resistance as you lift one foot after the other. You take up the whole of the hall, casting everything behind you in shadows as pull your bulk up. Ed and Cornelius have to dig their claws into the groves in the stone to help you make progress. You probably wouldn't be able to do this without them, as you have to focus on your footing. After a while though, your all huffing and puffing, and you begin wondering how far these stairs go. But at this point, you can't turn around, so you keep pushing forward.

Eventually, you start seeing the light getting brighter, and spot a arrow slit where light pours in. As you get close though, your flab pushes into it, making it impossible for you too look out of it, so you keep going, convinced you must be close. You finally reach a hatch, and push it open, squeezing yourself into the opening. Ed and Cornelius put their arms through and push against the floorboards, forcing your bulk through little by little. It takes all your strength to squeeze through, getting stuck partway as your flab overruns the sides like a giant squeeze toy, but finally you pop free, rolling forward onto your back, panting and wheezing from all the effort, your bulk rocking and heaving with each breath. Finally, you manage to compose yourself enough to look around, struggling to get to your feet once more.

You look like your in a small living space, there is a bed in one corner, a small stove, a desk, and a few trunks. You see a door on the other end, and walk over to it, and open it...

A long drop awaits on the other side, overlooking the forest, you find yourself looking out one of the castle towers. "I didn't think it would take us this high!" says Cornelius, flustered. "I suppose we just go back down." he says. You turn and look at the hatch, you could barely get through when you could push, can you even get back though? You go to the hatch and try, but your flab is much to wide to fit, spilling over the floorboards. You'd have to go face first to even attempt a feat, then you would be stuck in the stairwell. You're stuck in the tower!

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