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Phase 2

You think back to the city, and everything that is happening. If you give up the sauce, Sweets can fatten up the world while lining his pockets all the way. You'll have to figure out some other way out of this. You remain silent. A timer appears on the screen, counting down from 10, until it reads 0. "Initiating phase 2," it says, "Cookie Wolf strives to appeal to the customer base in every way possible, and as such, as an official Cookie Wolf Mascot, so must you." You feel your restraint tilt backwards. The lower restraints spread apart, as you see a device lowering from above towards you.

"With cookie demands at an all time high, customer polls indicate a drastic shift in aesthetic appeal." A set of tubes extends outward, connected to leg like apparatuses that remind you of a giant spider, filled with a strange orange fluid, "Our current scans indicate you do not meet the current minimum aesthetic requirements. Fear not being let go for this discrepancy, as our hard working lab technicians have developed means to reinstate your qualifications."

The tubes push against your arms, legs, and sides, and you hear the whirl of pumps. You feel pressure at each point, followed by a cool sensation the penetrates into your body. "Developed and copyrighted by Leonard Sweets, the nutrient rich aesthetic formula will bring you to the minimum standard desired by current polls data and continue until the maximum is met. However, we at cookie wolf care about your personal comfort in this process, thus, you may exit this process at any time by meeting the desired information quota."

The cool sensation starts to saturate your arms and legs, working it's way across your body, even up of neck into your face. As it hits the tip of your nose, you suddenly feel the metal arms at your side push harder. You look down, and feel your chin hit your neck a little sooner then anticipated. It's then you see that the arms are not pushing into you, rather, your sides are pushing into the arms. You are starting to swell up!

You begin struggling, trying to nock the tubes loose. But when you do, the legs simply reposition themselves to resume their work. "The nutrient aesthetic formula ensures a stable and healthy transition to an official Cookie Wolf Mascot," says the voice, as your belly grows outward. The screen indicates a stick figure transitioning into a circle figure, with a heart an a plus sign by it, followed by a smiley face. Your arms and legs thicken, flab accumulating as the formula saturates your fat cells, swelling them and multiplying them. You cheeks round out, pushing outward like water balloons on a tap, as your chin follows suit, consuming your lower muzzle and neck as it swells outward to your chest, which is ballooning and broadening as you struggle. "With your new aesthetic appeal, you will be in the perfect position to advertise the companies wide range of Cookie Wolf merchandise." The screen shows lines of clothing, all of which exist in plus sizes, and shows plush wolf dolls shaped like balls, and actual balls with your figure printed on it.

You feel your stomach creeping over your legs as it swells and grows, looking more like a bean bag that is being stuffed with more and more beans. Your struggles start to become labored as the weight of your limbs starts fighting against you, all the while swaying and jiggling as more and more fat accumulates. You feel your stomach start pushing your legs apart, as the fat rolls around your chest press against your arms. "Congratulations, you now meet the minimum aesthetic appeal according to our current polling data," says the voice, "As before, you may exit the process at any time, but we at cookie wolf appreciate your dedication, and your additional willingness to improve your aesthetic appeal will be taken into account in your promotions as an official Cookie Wolf mascot."

The fluid continues flowing, and you feel your head becoming trapped as your neck swells into a ring, your huge cheeks wobbling with each attempt to move the pressure between your arms and legs increase. Your sure if this continues, you'll look just like a life sized version of those plush balls!

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