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An Impossible Task

Even as Angela brings you a stack of books and a tray full of cookies, you wrack your brain for ideas, until a stroke of genius hits you. You only hope Angela isn't so obsessed with 'nursing you back to health' that she is open to requests. "You know what, your right Angela," you say, trying to sound as relaxed as you can, even going so far as to take a cookie and begin chewing on it to try and sell it to her. "Why shouldn't I be lavished upon." Angela looks pleased, "Oh yes Master, are you feeling better now?"

"Yes, I feel great, in fact, I have a special request for you," you say, "I know you've done SO much for me already. But I have a craving for something, and only you could possibly get me what I want." Angela looks positively ecstatic as you lay it on thick. "I would like some Japanese mochi, however, I want it made by hand, I want the ice cream made from ostrich eggs, freshly lain exactly 2 minutes after midnight, I would like the cream to be freshly milked from a goat with two heads with white fur and green eyes, I want it to be made with authentic Japanese rice, and ground to flour with a cotton swab, and beaten to perfect consistency under a full moon by a rabbit and a fox working together, served on diamond plate with a sapphire spoon with a ruby handle. And I must have this before I can possibly think about anything else from you. That shouldn't be too hard right?"

For a moment, Angela looks unsure. "Of course, if you CAN'T do this, I will completely understand." you say in a tone of defeat, "I suppose I can just settle for... what you can handle." you add.

That did it.

"Oh, NO Master, I can do it, I will do, I can certainly do everything you ask, just wait, I will make you so proud. It will take some time, but I can do it" She floats out the room, the look of bewilderment and anxiousness telling you that she has a lot of thinking to do on how to accomplish this. "Take your time..." you say as she disappears.

Right, that should buy you some time. You need to act fast, because your sure that even though this is an impossible task, Angela is obsessed enough to where she may actually find some way to pull it off.

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