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Constructive Critism

Really it isn't a question of if you will have to deal with Angela, but when. You can't even get out of bed right now, and eventually she is going to come back to check on you. You take a moment to think about what needs to be said before picking up the bell and ringing it.

Moment's later, the door opens, and Angela floats in, "Master, I was so worried." she says genuinely, "Don't worry, I have been keeping the castle clean, and I know you must be famished." several carts stacked with trays and bowls enter the room, and you see stews and soups, smoked fish and meads, breads and honey, pastries and fruits. As usual it's overboard, and you recall exactly how fast she is able to fatten up her masters in a short period of time.

"Wait," you say holding out both hands to signal for her to stop. "Before anything else, we need to talk," you demand in a firm voice, steeling yourself against what is likely to be a very emotional maid. Last time she sent objects flying, including you, so you have to be prepared. "We can't go on like this, do you realize why all your former masters fled?" you say, tying to get this out before she goes hysterical, "Yes, you serve them well, but you go so overboard. Your weighting on them hand and foot and push so much food on them to the point where they turn into blimps. You need to cut back!"

Angela looks at you, a moments contemplation and then...

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