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The grand tour

"Yes the workshop," says the maid, "We can get to that in a moment, but first, I must welcome my new master properly." She seems very happy at the prospect.

"That's really not necessary," you begin, only for the maids expression to change abruptly once again, "W...what? But you are my master, surely you would want to know who I am... unless...." she floats to the ground again, "You... you don't really want me..." she begins crying again, "I MUST be worthless, why would anyone want me!" This time you see the furniture start to rattle around her, whatever ghostly power she has affecting her surroundings.

"Hold on, I didn't say that," you quickly say, not meaning to upset her, though she seems very emotional for a dead person, "Why don't you tell me your name.. and maybe show me around?" you offer, hoping that placates her.

The ghost rises back up, "Really? Oh thank you," she says, her tears vanishing in a moment. "My name is Angela," she says, "Please, come this way, and I'll show you all around..."


She wasn't kidding, she showed you everything she could, kitchens, library, courtyard, observatory, and yes, even the witches workshop, at least the passage way, which is indeed blocked. However, by the time you get there you are so run ragged that you can't muster the strength to even try to move anything. You are panting from being dragged all around the castle and squeezing through doorways, and your legs and back ache from carrying all that weight. "What do you think master?" says Angela happily having concluded her tour. "I... think... I need a rest," you say. Angela suddenly looks worried. "Oh, master! You look exhausted! Come, we must make sure you are taken care of!" she floats down and helps you back to the main level of the castle.

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