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Finally a friendly face.

You are dragged through the dungeon, the angle causing your weight to press into your upper body, blocking your view for the most part as it locks your head in place. You can barely grope about, as the fat around your arms like extra large water wings forcing your arms out, especially with your chest and belly pushing up into them. You feel your stomach creaking ominously, and worry about where they are taking you, sure that if they try pulling you through a doorway, your going to burst from the pressure. Luckily they don't seem to be doing that, as they drag you into what looks like a stable. "Here you go pig skin, don't worry, pretty soon you'll be in perfect shape to play with," says the troll, before kicking you in the side, sending you rolling into a partition. You feel yourself creaking, then you roll into the wall, and you here a big bang!. you panic, thinking you have burst, but then feel the pressure release, around your waist, then realize your belt just burst.

You give a sigh of relief, though you still can't really move. Your still stuffed and tight, stuck on your back. You wiggle about a bit to see if you can get some momentum, but it's like trying to reach around medicine balls attached to every part of your body. All you can do is whimper and cry. Your nightmare is going to come true, they are going to fatten you into a ball, they use you as just that. And you can't do anything but wiggle about until they come and finish the job.

"t...in..." a sound comes, you glance about, looking though tears for the source of the noise. "Tes...g" There it was again, and it sounded familiar, "Testing?" Definitely that time, it sounded like Bathory, "Hello, are you there? Come in" Wait, not Bathory, "Awgaha?" you say alound, only to be shocked at the muffled sound of your voice. "There you are, wait a sec..." suddenly you see the transparent figure of Agatha rise into the air, "Finall... GESUZ LORD IN HEAVEN!!!" she cries out in shock as she sees you, "How did you get even fatter?!"

"Owis," you try to say, still trying to work around the folds and rolls pushing on your face. "'e suffd 'e, am ong o ake 'e mto 'a all" Agatha floats down to you, "Hold on, I can't understand a word your saying," she takes you arms and begins pulling, and you huff as she starts shifting your weight upwards, and you feel all the flab oozing down as the weigh redistributes itself, freeing up your head as you a pushed to your feet. Or rather, on your feet, as your stomach rests against the ground. You feel the flab of your legs hit the top of your feet. Boris wasn't kidding, another session like that and you probably will be a ball. "I said, Boris, he stuffed me and is going to turn me into a ball," you say, glad to be able to speak again. "Bathory caught me and wanted me to tell her where your lab was, but I told her the kitchen instead. She was threatening to fatten me up, then Boris did it anyway, and I'm going to end up as just a ball of fat!" you cry. "Calm down...." Says Agatha, trying to think, "We need to get you out of here. We should never have tried this." she obviously feels bad about your state. "Come on, you need to run, I'll lead you out."

"Look at me, I'm not running anywhere," you say, holding up your bloated arms, which hardly rise at all off the curvature of your body. "You won't know until you try," says Agatha. Sighing, you try to take a step forward, struggling with the weight pulling down, only to feel your center of gravity shift as your stomach doesn't move with the rest of you. You suddenly find yourself falling forward, or rather, rolling as your face falls downward to rest on pillows of your chest, rolling and then hitting the ground as your feet lift up on top of your stomach fat. You look like a wolf so fat he's outgrown his legs.

"Well... try again," says Agatha, rolling you back up, "Try lifting," you try to reach for your stomach, but your bloated arms and mountain of a chest make doing so difficult, and your barely able to get to the top of your stomach, pulling on it only managing to send undulations of fat. "Oh for goodness sake," says Agatha, and lifts your stomach off the ground for you. You step forward, this time with Agatha keeping you from rolling over.

*pant" "Are we almost there," you ask, tongue lolling out your mouth. "You've only taken 3 steps," says Agatha. You groan, bending over to catch your breath, causing Agatha to lose grip and causing your stomach to plop back against the ground. You can barely move, your just too heavy.

"This isn't going to work... Wait a sec," She looks around, looking at the surroundings for the first time. She floats around, "Aha" she says, and pulls out a wheelbarrow.

"I'm going to have to lug my gut around, arn't I," you say, sure she means you to grab the handles and try to support your rolls on your own. "No time," she says, and pushes it to your back, before, pushing you back into it. The metal groans from the weight, your sides spilling out like jello. She grabs the handles and starts wheeling you out, which is much faster, and easier on your legs.

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